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Sports Enhancement

Peak Performance

Are you looking for something more than Physical Therapy or Personal Training? Our Peak Performance Program may be just what you are looking for.

You may be asking what is the Peak Performance Program? The program consists of a movement screen, Customized Conditioning, Video Analysis, and an individualized Take Home program.

The first step in the program is the Movement Screen. At your first visit a thorough assessment will be performed by a Movement Specialist (Fellow of Applied Functional Science). In the assessment your personal goals will be discussed and your physical limits will be defined through a variety of tests and video analysis. This becomes the basis for your program.

In the follow up sessions the same Movement Specialist will take you through a combination of specific movement patterns, soft tissue therapy, and cardio/respiratory conditioning. The Movement Specialist will make corrections and additions based on what is seen during review of video analysis, as well as by observation during the session.

Video Analysis becomes an important part of the program. Video analysis is used throughout the program from Assessment through an individual’s final session. Video analysis during the assessment allows the Movement Specialist to slow down a particular movement to pin point the specific area that may be out of sequence with the rest. For example, video is taken of an individual walking on a treadmill. The Movement Specialist would analyze the footage and find that the individual rotates their right foot slightly outward, which in turn effects the knee, as well as the hip. The Movement Specialist then uses this information and makes the appropriate “tweeks” to the program. A couple of sessions later the same individual is taped on the treadmill and the right foot is no longer rotating out and the individual is able to see the direct result of their session(s).

The Take Home Program is a program that is created specifically for you based upon your
Movement Conditioning Program.

Based on your personal goals we can develop an individualized Movement Condition Program for you.

Speed and Agility Program

Are you looking to get that performance edge over you opponent?

If you are an athlete and you answered YES to that, then we the Sports Enhancement Program for you.

We have cutting edge Sports Specific Programs designed to help you reach your Peak Performance and gain that edge over your opponent. We have designed programs for all types of athletes, male or female, in your teens or at the college level, for all sports.

Our programs are designed specifically to enhance your speed, quickness, strength, power as well as agility. Based upon the sport and the athletes’ goals we can tailor those needs to get you to your Peak Performance.

We offer individual training, small group training as well as team training programs.

Give us a call for pricing and any other questions you may have regarding our program!


The only thing keeping you from achieving your peak performance is
picking up the phone.

“My thoughts are all good. I would highly recommend the Peak Performance program. For two reasons, first you all helped me work thru the pain of the injury so I could work out and play tennis. Second, you taught me the importance of different methods of stretching every day to help heal the injury and more importantly hopefully prevent future injuries.” ---Karen
“Mike, Jackie, Kyle and Kyle create an encouraging atmosphere/environment conducive to rehabilitation and healing” ---Tammy
“It is great to work with individuals who listen and adjust the therapy accordingly” ---Tammy